TAKAMIOKAKI 新型コロナウイルスへの感染防止の対応について – Regarding Our Prevention Procedures for Novel Coronavirus


  • 営業中は、30分〜1時間に1回換気を行い密閉空間にならないよう心掛けております。
  • お客様、ご入場時には手指のアルコール消毒をお願いしております。
  • 店内は清掃の際に消毒作業を講じ、お客様が手を触れる箇所は、定期的に消毒を行っております。
  • 安全を考慮しスタッフは、勤務中にマスクを着用する場合がありますのでご理解をお願いいたします。
  • 発熱・咳などの症状がある方は、症状が治まるまでご来店をお控えいただきますようお願い申し上げます。


Regarding Our Prevention Procedures for Novel Coronavirus

  • We haven’t had any cases of reported novel coronavirus transmission at our store. However,
    we are procactively taking the following precautions to ensure everyone’s safety:
  • If you have any fever, coughing or any unusual symptoms, please refrain from coming to the store.
  • We are ventilating the air in the store every 30 minutes to one hour to keep the fresh air.
  • We are carrying out cleaning and sanitizing opereations on a consistent basis, particularly in places
    where customers and staff touch with their hands.
  • There are some staff who may wear masks during business hours as a precautionary measures for
    the safety of everyone. This is not to alarm anyone, but just to esatbalish safe practices for the
    time being.
  • We are doing our best that to ensure that everyone can enjoy the shop and cafe and have a great time while here.